Project Support 

Investabuild's main drive is managing your projects for you using our collective knowledge and experience to get you the maximum return on your investment. This is achieved through skilled contractors, bullet-proof supply chains and highly efficient task management. 

However, despite allowing us to work for you, you're never out of the drivers seat. Through consistent and in-depth reporting and monitoring, we keep you updated as if you're on-site with us. 

By offering a wide range of communication and reporting tools, we keep our clients informed on a regular basis adapting to their schedules, locations and requirements to ensure communication remains consistent and informative.

Man Using a Tablet

 The latest reporting software 


We keep up with the latest technology and software that affords us only the best project monitoring capabilities on the market. Thanks to these expansive capacities, every project is reported accurately and efficiently and provides detailed analytics enabling us to stay on top of every development. 

 Accessible Agents 


Our staff is hand-picked for their dedication to our clients. When assigned to you, your agent is available at the touch of a button both physically and digitally. Be it a quick daily project update over an email or a detailed periodic reporting over a video conference, we're here for you.

 Client service without borders 

Our client base isn't solely based in the UK. Thanks to this we've adapted our service to clients who may be based abroad or just temporarily in a different timezone to be able to meet their needs, handle enquiries and report progress to them at their convenience. It is because of this extra-mile that we've made investing and developing UK properties into a highly adaptive service for all overseas investors.